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All Chatrooms will be closing April 2017, wwcolchat.jpg click here.

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All Chatrooms will be closing April 2017 !!

Disclaimer Use at your own risk !!

CommUnities OnLine accepts no liability for any damage or harm, real or imagined to anyone using our services.
The potential for hackers and other criminals to get information from individuals through chatrooms and any normal Internet activities is always present.
In using any services the user agrees to hold Communities Online, Christians On the Net, and our Backbone connection providers and all owners/operators of these providers blameless of any and all criminal and or personal injury as a result of such use.

Chat Rules and Etiquette

Please read and follow these simple rules while in our chat rooms. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to stop offensive behavior. and/or you will be locked out. If the offense is serious enough, your Internet Provider may be contacted.

  1. Respect all people while in rooms.
  2. Monitors Monitors are volunteers and do their best to keep these rooms safe. HELP them do their job.
  3. These Chat Rooms Do not attack these rooms, Our sponsors, or anyone connected with them. We welcome your comments and complaints, when delivered through proper e-mail, otherwise You have every right to use other rooms.
  4. No profanity (including but not limited to:)
  5. No Disruptive Behavior (including but not limited to:)
  6. These are Christian rooms. If you do not wish to politely associate with Christians, please choose another chat service.
  7. Expressing your thoughts, Please take your thoughts, your theology and dogma
    to one of the rooms set asside for deeper debate and discussion here.
    Town Hall,    Library,    Or our discussion/Prayer room (if no regular scheduled meeting is being held)

By entering our chat rooms, you agree to abide by our rules of etiquette and conduct, including being excluded from these rooms if you have disregarded or broken them.

Chat Room Links

Christian Singles Chat 01 Singles Room (for all ages)

General Christian Chat 02 Fellowship and prayer for all ages.

Christian Teen Chat 03 Fellowship for Christian teens

Safe General Chat 04 Not a Christian room, but clean and friendly

Chat DEBATE and DISCUSS deeper topics!

Discussion Rooms are monitored but you have more freedom to debate topics that would otherwise injure the purpose of our numbered ROOMS.

Our corporate sponsor is Communities Online who provides our web space, bandwidth, and technical support along with a team of monitors and greeters who keep our rooms safe. >